JUNE 2021

The lab has been awarded two grants to support our work on spinal cord injury (SCI).
With generous support from Bryon Riesch Paralysis Foundation we are studying how to activate endogenous glia repair mechanisms using injectable biomaterials. Starting in July, with generous support from Craig H Neilsen Foundation, we will be testing biomaterial based strategies to improve astroglial maturation of transplanted neural progenitor cells in SCI. We greatly appreciate the support provided by these wonderful SCI foundations to our young but enthusiastic lab.

Congratulations to Honour, Eric and Isabella on passing their PhD qualification exams. We are excited to have you continue your research efforts in the lab this summer.

MAY 2021

Riya Sen has joined the lab as a Kenneth R. Lutchen Fellow. We are excited to have her join the team and look forward to working with her over the summer and beyond. Welcome Riya.

APRIL 2021

We are excited to welcome Honour Adewumi and Isabella Darke to the lab as BME PhD graduate students.

MARCH 2021

Over the past year the O’Shea Lab has taken shape. Despite pandemic challenges we have set up our chemistry, molecular biology, cell culture, and neurosurgery spaces. We are currently working hard to develop new bioengineering tools to test in our CNS injury models.

In March, we welcomed Eric Dubois as the first PhD graduate student to join the lab.

Gabriela Berniac also joined the lab as an undergraduate researcher and was awarded a UROP fellowship to support her research over the summer. Congratulations!

MAY 2020

The O’Shea Lab website is live! Follow us here and on our social media platforms for research updates. The lab opens up in Boston in the Fall. We are looking forward to getting to work.

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